Our seminar “Design for additive manufacturing of metal components” offers a good introduction to the world of additive manufacturing. We organize this at regular intervals.

The one-day seminar gives an overview of the production technology, its advantages and restrictions. In addition, the participant learns the basics of production-oriented design with selected examples.
In the second part of the event, various components will be discussed regard to their suitability for additive manufacturing. Course participants will have the opportunity to present their own components to evaluate the suitability for additive manufacturing.



Design for additive manufacturing of metal components



Location: Cologne

Participation fee: 480 € p.p. (+VAT)

The seminar is designed as a one-day, interactive basic training course. The first part provides basic information on additive manufacturing processes. Subsequently, we will deal specifically with the process of selective laser melting. We will present the advantages of the process, explain the restrictions and teach the participants the basics of production-oriented design. This is done by using examples from our working environment. In addition, the participants have the opportunity to provide components themselves. Than the seminar group discusses its suitability for additive manufacturing.